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HabitMon is the fun and easy way to adopt healthy habits!

Get rewarded with new monsters for completing habits, which you can combine to build a bigger and cooler HabitMon.

With the guidance of experts in the field, you'll focus on one habit at a time, making real progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Plus, our social component lets you share progress with friends and have accountability buddies.

Level Up Your Life with Habitmon

Say goodbye to failed attempts at building habits and hello to a fun and engaging way to succeed!

Join Habitmon today and take the first step towards building better habits becoming successful.

Not Your Ordinary Habit Tracker

Stay Motivated Every Step

Succeed in building habits with HabitMon's fun and engaging monster collection game that keeps you motivated to achieve your goals.

Get guidance and recommendations throughout the whole journey. It's like having a personal coach with you every step of the way.

Stay on Track

Using expert-backed methods to develop and maintain habits you can trust that your efforts will lead to real progress.

Validated methods for lasting change

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Turn Building Habits into a Fun Game

Hatch, breed, and discover new Habitmon while making progress in real life.

Add a new habit, do the habit, and get rewarded with a new egg each time.

Keep building healthy habits and collect all the Habitmon!

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